Second Language Courses

We offer:

Programs created by La Route du Savoir, Kingston’s French Adult Education Centre, a non profit organization that has been delivering workshops and private lessons for more than 20 years.

Language courses are offered year-round and taught by native speakers.

Professional and fun !

The language courses are offered every session (fall, winter and spring) with a maximum of 15 students of the same level.

Type of courses : Group classes, private classes and classes on your site.

The lessons are taken at La Route du Savoir or on the site of the company. Special programs are designed according to the needs and goals of individuals and companies.

There are no multi-level courses.

Our highly skilled and experienced instructors teach with enthusiasm and dynamism. They are very committed to each student.

Many opportunities are offered to learn, practice and improve your skills during the weekly two-hour workshop or private lesson.

All courses are provided by experienced native French/ Italian/ Spanish and English speaking instructors.

Main goal : conversation 

The courses are designed to develop oral, reading and writing skills.

Our goal is to teach students the necessary grammar and syntax rules to enable them to communicate effectively.

Our emphasis is on oral communication, not on rule memorization!

Every student is unique

Special attention is given to each student to ensure adequate progress.

Basic, intermediate and advanced courses will make you discover another exciting culture: the 10 week sessions will help you to improve your language skills as well as your knowledge of the culture, without the stress of formal evaluations and final exams.

General information 

Location and mailing address:

711 Dalton Ave, office 187
Kingston Ontario, K7M 8N6

Accessibility:  Full

Registration:  By phone or at the office

Information: Call  613.544.7447

Business hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Group classes

Workshops:  $250 (no reimbursement after the first class)
Registration fee:  $25 non refundable


One on one:$ 50 per hour (registration and placement test included)


Please call us for all the details


Cash or cheques only, prior to the first class


Listen to the radio, watch television, read newspapers and magazines, do the homework, find a native speaker to speak with, visit  cultural websites in your second language, own a dictionary, spend as much time doing homework as you spent in the classroom.


Mostly oral


  • Placement test: mandatory for all
  • Informal review at the beginning of each class
  • Oral and written presentations

Course attendance and completion certificate: Available on request

Call us now to register: 613.544.7447

***  Please note that part of the courses are available due to
proceeds form Play ! Gaming & Entertainment.

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